Exposing cancer, featuring Cyriac Roeding of Earli

Exposing cancer, featuring Cyriac Roeding of Earli

We can make cancer cells tell us exactly where they are.

Consumer internet entrepreneurs lack many of the skills for the life sciences revolution โ€“ or do they? Cyriac Roeding, CEO and co-founder of Earli, shows us what his team of bioengineers are accomplishing by applying fast-learning software development discipline to hard life science problems. Earliโ€™s mouse and canine models are producing exciting results inducing cancer cells to expose their locations, enabling precision medicine to pinpoint malignant from benign many months earlier than state-of-the-art techniques. โ€œI love the idea of having multiple shots on goalโ€ฆ rather than spending a billion dollars on small molecule development,โ€ says Cyriac.

As expeditiously as it has progressed, the Earli story is not without its difficult periods, including the death of a gifted co-founder. โ€œFirst, I cried… I [had become] very close to him. As brilliant a scientist as he was, he was an even more wonderful human being. I loved this man,โ€ shares Cyriac. โ€œOur team rallied behind the whole situation,โ€ and we learn how Cyriac, his co-founder, and the Earli team reinforced their commitment to save lives as quickly as they can.

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