Leading the century of atoms, featuring Fernando Dominguez Pinuaga

Century of Atoms: A.I. + Quantum will transform our understanding of the world.

Leading the century of atoms, featuring Fernando Dominguez Pinuaga
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Melding quantum mechanics with artificial intelligence is going to change how we understand our world.

Several years ago, a small team was pursuing a deeper understanding of the quantum sciences while tracking advancements in machine intelligence. Combining two complex and misunderstood fields of study, Fernando Dominguez Pinuaga, Vice President, and his colleagues formed SandboxAQ, a growing juggernaut in materials discovery, cybersecurity, computational simulation, and so much more. 

This episode is our first among several in which we examine the quantum sciences. Percolating in the burgeoning overlap between artificial intelligence and quantum mechanics, the potential areas of overlap can appear, to an outsider, to be disconnected or unfocused. However, as Fernando reveals in our conversation, there is a core upon which they are learning, building, and educating. With “the century of atoms” ahead, join us  as we learn about security, navigation, and the science of discovery.

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