JMill & Forrest's Epic Reveal: New Tough Tech Today Season, Monthly Groove & Upcoming Themes! 🚀🧬🔋

JMill & Forrest's Epic Reveal: New Tough Tech Today Season, Monthly Groove & Upcoming Themes! 🚀🧬🔋

Join a tag-up among JMill and Forrest as we reveal something really exciting for what’s ahead: the launch of the newest season of Tough Tech Today! Plus, we mention work and babies.

We set the stage for our new monthly cadence, with a new release occurring on the second Tuesday of each month. Each quarter (3 months), we focus on a theme. The next three themes are Biology (2023Q2), Space (2023Q3), and Energy (2023Q4). 

We really appreciate your support and enthusiasm for Tough Tech Today, and it is our honor to share with you our conversations with tough tech trailblazers on all the upcoming episodes!

Stay tough!

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  • Producers: Jonathan “JMill” Miller and Forrest
  • Hosts: JMill and Forrest Meyen
  • Writing, Editing, Art: JMill

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JMill  00:00

Welcome to Tough Tech Today with Meyen. and Miller, we are so excited to launch into our next season. But first: Forrest, it’s been a while. Would you like to give us a quick update on on where you are and what you’ve been doing?

Forrest Meyen  00:18

Yeah. So this, this short little siesta that we’ve had between seasons has been pretty busy. You might notice a new backdrop. I’m now in Colorado. So I moved from Massachusetts to Colorado to co-found a lunar rover company and space resources company named lunar outposts. So I’ve been really busy there working on my own tough tech project. Also had a couple kids, I think, during that period of time, so it’s been a lot of excitement. And I’m really happy to be back on the show. 

JMill  00:56

That’s awesome. I, myself, you may have seen I have switched locations as well. slightly shorter distance, though I’ve gone from my above ground studio to my underground workshop here in the lair, in Pennsylvania, I’ve been with Airbus Ventures for several years. And now we’re expecting my wife and I are expecting our first child. So it certainly has an exciting change of priorities and welcoming our newest little one imminently. And so with that, you know, 

Forrest Meyen  01:30

Lot’s that’s going on! I love your new background, by the way, it’s it definitely has the tough tech field, you know, 

JMill  01:39

Thank you. Yeah, 

Forrest Meyen  01:40

Exciting part about the industry, right? getting your hands dirty.

JMill  01:44

Absolutely, I have a really good vacuum to help sort of tidy up all like like metal filings and stuff ahead of recording. But you know, we all the tech community have been been really awesome and supportive. And we’re excited to and honored to have a role in in helping to spotlight some of those trailblazers who have been moving the needle on emerging technologies and bringing those to the market. And so that’s something that, Forrest, you and I’ve been putting our heads together in terms of some of the exciting trends that we wanted to be focused on for this upcoming season. Would you like to tell our listeners and viewers a little bit about what we have in the pipeline? 

Forrest Meyen  02:30

Yeah, so the new season of Tough Tech. Today, we’re going to focus on three areas. So we’re going to have three focus areas, with episodes published each quarter, three episodes a quarter, 

JMill  02:44

We are planning to release each new episode on the second Tuesday of every month

Forrest Meyen  02:50

And our first area is going to be biotech. Then we’ll follow up with a focus area on new space. And then finally, we’ll talk about tough tech relating to the future of energy. 

JMill  03:04

So we have some really exciting guests that that we’ve already recorded with and more were coming and so what we’re going to do is we’re going to conclude with a quick little montage of some of our our prior guests, and then stay tuned for the upcoming premiere of the first episode of our next season. 

Forrest Meyen  03:29

All right, 1, 2, 3… 

Emily King  03:32

Stay tough!

Cyriac Roeding  03:33

Stay tough!

Caleb Carr  03:33

Stay tough!

Justin Cyrus  03:34

Stay tough!

Conor Cullinane  03:35

Stay tough!

Jacob Becraft  03:36

Stay tough!

Kate Kreuger  03:37

Stay tough!

Matt Goldstein  03:37

Stay tough!

Sujal Patel  03:38

Stay tough!

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